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Mission Statement

“The magic basketball program strives provide a unique opportunity for our athletes through; 

Development x Competition x Exposure

By providing elite skills and development training, high quality coaches, similar or above level teammates and nationally recognized exposure events. Our mission is to continue build towards our goal of moving our young educated boys and girls to the next level and higher education.”



Development x Competition x Exposure

Basketball Practice


Magic basketball is committed to maximizing our athletes athletic capabilities through; Practice, Nutrition tips, and Skills and Development Training. We look to improve our athletes' mental and physical abilities to compete against top tier competition.

Youth Basketball Game


Magic basketball is committed to maximizing the competition our athletes face by surrounding them around equal or more capable athletes, along with top tier tournaments to continue to build our foundation and the growth of our family members.

Basketball Game


Magic basketball places our athletes in top tier grassroots events in order maximize our athletes potential of being recruited and reaching the next level.

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